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Price: $700.00

“With Flash Editor Plus, you have the capability to connect to all vehicles within the Volvo Group. This version empowers you to upload your custom files for precise programming and modify parameters according to your specific needs. It’s important to note that Flash Editor Plus is designed to operate seamlessly with Volvo Flash Files, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Key Features of Flash Editor Plus:

  • Phoenix Diagnostic Tool: Utilize this powerful tool for advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting across a range of Volvo vehicles.
  • XML/TMP Editor for Version 2 Truck: Tailor and fine-tune your programming with our specialized editor designed for Version 2 trucks, enhancing performance and functionality.
  • ECU Programming for Version 3/Version 4: Take full control of the engine control units in newer Volvo models with dedicated programming capabilities for Version 3 and Version 4 vehicles.
  • Parameter Programming: Customize and adjust vehicle parameters to meet precise performance and operational requirements, providing you with complete control over the vehicle’s functionality.
  • Version 2 Programming with PTT (Premium Tech Tool): Leverage the power of PTT for comprehensive programming and diagnostics on Version 2 vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Flash Editor Plus is your all-encompassing tool for Volvo vehicle programming and diagnostics, offering a range of features tailored to enhance your operational efficiency and vehicle performance.”

Phoenix Flash Server Online Version3/4

Post-2013 OBD (Version 3/4) Online Flash List"

Phoenix Flash Server Online Verison2

Before -2013 OBD (Version 2) Online Flash List"

“Phoenix Flash Server Online Version 3/4

With an extensive collection of over 32,000+ files from the Phoenix Server Flash, you can swiftly update your ECUs and increase horsepower. The Phoenix Flash Server Online Version 3/4 provides access to a wide array of files, excluding UOBCDC EMS files and those related to changing the Instrument Cluster Language (IC, SID, LECM).

You can check the Flash Files via the link provided below.”

Tea2Plus Flash List

Phoenix Flash Server Online Verison2

With a vast array of over 85,000+ files from the Phoenix Server Flash, you can rapidly update your ECUs and enhance horsepower. Phoenix Flash Server Online Version 2 grants you access to the server’s registered files, including EGR, DPF, and Adblue off, as well as Euro2/Euro3 files, whenever you opt for any brand.

You can check the Flash Files through the link provided below.”

Tea2 Flash List

Binnary Tool

Binary Tool: Streamlining Pre-OBD 2013 Vehicle Programming

The Binary Tool is expertly crafted for vehicles manufactured before 2013, offering a streamlined approach to ECU software programming. It’s your reliable partner in enhancing vehicle performance and efficiency.

Effortless ECU Programming: Seamlessly program your ECU software using Techtool with files obtained from a variety of sources, including Kess, Ktag, Galetto, MagPro, Trasdata, and more. The process is straightforward, designed to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

Requirements: To ensure a smooth and successful programming experience, Full Read files from Kess, Ktag, Galetto, MagPro, etc., are necessary. Our tool operates with an impressive 95% error-free rate, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability.

Broad Compatibility: The Binary Tool supports an extensive range of ECU types and brands, including VCE, VOLVO, RENAULT, MAC, UD, PENTA, and BUS. Whatever your vehicle brand, the Binary Tool is equipped to meet your programming needs.

Remote Programming Token

Remote Programming: Simplify Vehicle Management from Anywhere

Remote Programming allows you to easily program a vehicle from a distance, overcoming the limitations of time and space with remote access capabilities. Every time you initiate a remote session, an additional fee is charged, equivalent to purchasing a token. The number of tokens you buy determines the quantity of remote programming sessions you can conduct.

Remote Programming is a universal system designed for convenience and efficiency. With Remote access, you can perform DTC Removal and program ECU for Version 2/3/4. Therefore, if you plan to undertake remote programming, purchasing Remote Tokens is essential.

As you successfully complete each operation, the number of tokens you have will decrease accordingly. Plan and manage your remote programming needs effectively with our user-friendly system.

Euro6 OBD Post-2013 DPF/SCR Removal Token

Euro6 OBD Post-2013 DPF/SCR/EGR Removal

This system aims to remove DPF/SCR/EGR from Euro6 vehicles by uploading UOBDC software to the connected vehicle and automatically programming the parameters. The system boasts a success rate of close to 90%. You can complete the process automatically via the Flash Editor Plus, which recognizes and applies the necessary changes using the tokens you’ve purchased.

Please note:

  1. If you intend to perform DPF/SCR/EGR Removal on a remote vehicle, you will also need to purchase Remote Tokens.
  2. The system operates automatically. Phoenixdiags is not responsible for any errors that may occur post-operation.
  3. This service does not support US vehicles.
DTC Removal Token for Pre-OBD 2013 Vehicles

DTC Removal Token for Pre-OBD 2013 Vehicles

The DTC Removal system is a tool designed for ECU programming in pre-OBD 2013 vehicles, facilitating the removal of EGR, DPF, AdBlue, and NOX sensors. The process is conducted through Mdi 128, and it erases DTCs on Mid 128 without altering any other vehicle settings, ensuring a quick and smooth operation.

The system supports UD, MACK, BUS VOLVO, VOLVO VCE, and USA vehicles.

Please note:

The system includes ECU mapping. It supports Mid 128 ECUs registered on the system. If you have a specialized vehicle, personalized mapping can be arranged through direct communication.

Language Change Token for OBD Post-2013 Vehicle Dashboards

Language Change Token for OBD Post-2013 Vehicle Dashboards

With the token you purchase, you can easily change the language of your vehicle’s dashboard. The system automatically detects the IC, SID, and LECM modules and programs only the desired language into the ECU. Change your vehicle’s language quickly and effectively.

Please note:

  1. The system uses the Phoenix Online Flash Server System. If your vehicle lacks the necessary language change files for IC, SID, and LECM, it cannot perform the programming.
  2. If you have a Volvo Central account and can download the language file, you don’t need this token. You can download the file and program it using the Editor.
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