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Phoenix Dıag Developer Tools VODIA
Developer Tools VODIA

Phoenix Developer Tools VODIA


Phoenix Developer Tools is a specially developed software for users. Phoenix Developer Tools  VODIA PENTA provides access to specific parameters in the Parameter Program in VODIA.
Both OBD 2013 (APCI, Electrical Versison 2 and older) Hemd OBD 2013 Provides Ease of Use for Volvo  PENTA and YAMAHA Motor Vehicles.


• Access and program parameters of ANY Level without any restrictions for APCI database;
• Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: speed limit;
• Works with Tech Tool  2.5  2.6 in Standard (Normal) or Development mode;
• Support 28 languages;
• Support all brands (Volvo, Renault, UD, Mack) and models supported by Tech Tool;
• Developer Tool for editing APCI parameters (VERSION2 and older el. system trucks);
• Developer Tool Plus for editing APCI Plus parameters (VERSION3, VERSION4 el. system trucks);
• Mack Developer Tool for editing V-MAC I/II/III/ITC parameters;
• Support Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10;

Some interesting options:

• Chassis ID Change.
• Immobilizer ON/OFF.
• Injector programming.
• Speed Limit programming.
• EUR6 trucks supported.